пятница, 27 февраля 2009 г.


Loving food and chasing down the flavors that make us particularly joyful is a natural experience. We all need food to survive and we all prefer to enjoy the food we introduce into our bodies. Food can be a healthy form of energy or it can be an unhealthy obsession. When your love affair with food starts to add girth to your middle it is time to check the manner in which you love your food.

Many of us did not learn healthy food ideals as children. We were generally taught to love it incessantly and use it to fill our souls as well as our bodies, or we were taught that food makes us fat and we need to be cautious. There is a wonderful middle ground for the food lover that is in conflict. Eating too much isn’t healthy but neither is denying your body food. The basic requirement of healthy eating is rainbow eating, where you simply make sure that the foods you eat come in all kinds of varying natural colors. Rainbow eating does not imply that you choose twelve different colors of candy. It means that when you look at your plate you should see brown and red and most definitely, green. This means that you are introducing your body to some of the healthiest tastes available while eating in a balanced manner.

As you cook your food, remember that how you cook creates either a healthy or unhealthy meal. If you saturate and drown your foods in butter, salt, oils, and artificial flavorings you are killing the nutrients and the healthy effects. However, if you rely on natural flavors and you bring out those flavors by adding nominal amounts of additional cooking ingredients, you are creating a healthier option for your body.

пятница, 26 декабря 2008 г.

Reasonable eating

Nowadays, we experience economic and financial crisis. Many people begin to save on living standards. They refuse to buy expensive electronics, expensive gifts, cars, etc. however they eat as much as before. For nothing! I think that today is the best time for saving on food. The number of people, who suffer from overweight is increasing exponentially. We fear crisis and eat even more than before to restrain our fears and to dive our attention from our problems, our inability to disburse loans, etc. we should rather eat less. Thus we could become healthier and this fact alone could make us stronger and more ready to meet crisis. I think that the fact that we eat more than our body requires is unquestionable. Just imagine how much money we could save if we ate less. We spend too much money for food. We must reconsider our eating habits and traditions by all means. If we eat less, we restore our health. It is very hard for our digestive system to cope with this huge amount of food we eat. Besides, not only its amount is harmful for our health. Another factor here is unhealthiness of food we eat. We eat roasted meat and potatoes, hamburgers and so on. Scientist and nutritionists have proved that this food is even dangerous for us and can cause a lot of various diseases. We must refuse this food and turn to vegetables and fruits, we must eat less meat and drink more fresh juices. Thus we will be younger and healthier.

четверг, 4 декабря 2008 г.

Exotic food

People are sick and tired of their everyday life, routine work, lack of rest and huge rhythm of modern life. They want something new and extravagant. Different people solve this problem in different ways. Some of them take up some strange and unusual hobbies, others prefer to drink alcohol in order to relieve their stress and tiredness. Though, it is a rather strange means of relaxation. There are also people who like to travel to some exotic countries to get new and unusual experience. These are mainly Asian countries, where everything is unconventional and uncommon, where there are a lot of things which can’t be found in the Western World. These countries attract many tourists from all over the world. One of the components of Asian coloring is Asian food. Western and westernized tourists are shocked by all these roasted cockroaches and bugs. Oh year, I have forgotten to mention snakes and crocodiles, as well as frogs and insects. Western people can’t believe that this food is healthy and safe for their stomachs. However, when they see residents of these countries, eating all this staff with enthusiasm and appetite, they begin to think that this food is not so bad as it seems at first sight. However, different tourists, or more exactly their stomachs react differently to this food, as not all western people can absorb this unusual and exotic food. They are simply not accustomed to it. That is why consequences can be unpredictable.

My food is my trouble

I am fond of roasted food very much. It refers to everything: potatoes, meat and so on. I know, I have read and heard a lot that this food is very unhealthy and even dangerous for our stomach and the whole body in general. It can cause cancer, indigestion, constipation and pains in the stomach. Maybe I am too weak-willed that despite the fact that I understand unhealthiness of this food I eat it every day and am absolutely unable to refuse it. For me it is very difficult to imagine my life without food I like, because food is one of the best pleasures, which exist in this world. For example all people agree that it is impossible to live without love, intimate relationships and rest. I think that the same refers to food as it is a very important constituent of happy life. Moreover, I dare say that among all other possible pleasures, food is the most valuable and important. I will explain to you why I think so. As for love it is very vague and ambiguous notion. Besides love is not a mere feeling, but a sort of state. As for food, we need it everyday, several times a day. All people understand that it is impossible to live without food. I think that this statement is not full. I would add here that people can’t live without tasty food. If we treat food as simply nutrition for our body and nothing else, my mood worsens because of these words. Eating without experiencing pleasure is terrible. The whole life loses its sense in this case. That is why I will never manage to stick to a healthy diet and will die of gastric ulcer.

среда, 26 ноября 2008 г.

My favorite food

I like to eat very much. Eating is one of my favorite hobbies. You may argue that eating can’t be a hobby, but I will answer you that if I spend almost all my free time for it, it is a real hobby. I eat when everything is OK, and nothing disturbs me. In these cases I celebrate this fact and eat something instead of drinking. When I am nervous, I also eat something to relieve stress. I think that this is an ideal means to relax, to divert my attention from my problems, and switch over to something pleasant. You may think that I am extremely fat because I eat very much. You are mistaken, I am very thin and manage to maintain a nice form. I don’t know how it happens but it is true! I think that I am genetically non-predisposed to obesity. My friends envy me and say that in some years my eating habits will at last make me fat enough to be unable to enter my own house. I think that they are wrong. Don’t think that I am boasting now. I understand that, unfortunately, nowadays, many people overeat and become fat. I just want to say that maybe my case is a phenomenon which should be studied by scholars. If you think that I do a lot of different exercises, you are mistaken again. I simply live my life and eat all the time. I manage to eat not only at home, but also on my way to work and when I return back. When I walk along the park, I also have a sandwich to eat it during the stroll. It is a wonderful combination of rest and eating. When these two factors combine, they create full satisfaction for me and I am the happiest person in the world.
I have forgotten to tell you about my favorite meals. You may think that if I like to eat very much the list of my favorite meals is rather long. You are right and mistaken at the same time. The number of my favorite meals is huge but the list is very short. Simply I love all possible meals. I even dream to taste all meals from the world.